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Climber B.C opens its first store in the Trump Shopping Mall.

While presenting unique designs stylizing their items with quality and contemporary aesthetic, a leader in male design, Climber B.C, opened its first store in the Trump Towers Shopping Mall.


Climber B.C, a brand that responds to the laid back lifestyle of a city-slicker with chicness and elegance, has just opened its first store in Trump Shopping Mall.  The clothing brand, whose products can be found all over the world, met customers with this season’s ‘Numanity’ themed collection. With collections designed to incorporate new and ever more creative products, the store is aimed at urban males who like simplicity in style and aim to harmonize between natural and urban chic. 


Creative textured pants and t-shirt designs, special slogans featuring Sylvia Plath quotes and the sayings of Bukowski display a youthful exuberance. Meanwhile, skinny and super skinny fits are a plenty, as well as the teenage collection entitled “androgynous”.